Lovely Days with You

I don’t know how to express to you.

How powerful I feel with you.  

Some days I just need you close.

You are everything that is beautiful. 

Without that beauty.

This world is no fucking dark. 

Sometimes I need to focus on love.

Versus objectives and deliverables. 

I only have lovely days with you. 

Just in case you didn’t know, I Love You.

Just in case I haven’t said it, I Thank You.

I remember every tear I caused.

From when I asked you that first question.

You said yes with a tear.

From when I asked for forgiveness.

You said yes with a tear. 

Each day since I focus on you

I only have lovely days with you.

I intentionally avoid every moment.

Any opportunity to take you for granted.

Even in the midst of the world.

You are the heart of the world.

Breathing every bit of energy.

Filling my entire soul completely.

Thought about a moment without you.

Lost every perspective without you.

I only have lovely days with you.

Need your spirit close to me.

Even if I cannot see you. 

I can somehow sense you.

This connection created in a Godly way

Strengthen in seeds we nurture every day.

Keeping faith on the worst days.

Celebrating the best days.

If only one wish could come true.

I only have lovely days with you.