Can I get Some Credit

I mean

Look at all I have done

You stay on my ass

But won’t let me pass

And I am wondering

What is it?

What is it that you don’t like?

Every time I do anything

You scrunching up your face

Like I made a mistake

Just give me that credit

That shit I deserve

I don’t need another word

I mean

I see the shit you do

And I’m looking at it

Like, is that the best you can do

Maybe that’s why

You still in my business

Looking at what I’m doing

Instead of handling you business

What keeps you staring at me?

I would give you credit

If I could

But your shit looks awful

Doubt if I ever would

I mean

Is it jealousy

Do you have a burning desire

To be able to do

All the things that I can do

Is it that deadly sin

Thinking if you destroy me

You would be able to replace me

You are nothing like me

You standing there claiming

If you just had more time

I’m not wasted a dime of credit

You ain’t shit, I said it.

I mean

There are six more sins you could pursue

You keep on that pride shit

Mentally I’m aligned with charity

But you are beyond help

All of that gluttony

If you just had the courage

To humbly have a bit of faith

Maybe it would be possible

For that greed dwelling inside you

Maybe it could find a different place

I will give you credit for one thing

You are not anything I want to be