Darkness Will Shine

The bottomless pit

That envy

Consuming mortality

Focused externally


I’m not who I claim to be

Claiming another’s destiny

Plotting over time

Darkness will shine

Expecting insanity

Repeatedly executing

Repetitiously anticipation

As if a different outcome

Will finally come

Unchanged methodology

The answer, unequivocally

Cannot be me

Darkness will shine

Preparation for abundance

Creating repositories

Futuristic inventories

Organized scheming

Suit and tie conspiracies

Eliminated electronic trails

Buried evidence

Resurrected above the skyline

Darkness will shine

Deeply contemplating this

Post mortuary visits

Explaining all the details

Limitations of statutes

Impermeable to virtues

Accepting final peace

Disclosing missed mistakes

You never  knew it was me

Darkness will shine