Everything About You

Intently listening

Your voice so soothing

Swear to god it moves me

Got to admit

It improves me

You bent over

I could see that thong

Through your dress

I was done

Fuck the conversations

Where is the reconciliation

Telling me what you need

Let me be clear

I’m everything you described

To the last word

The whole damn year

It’s just a matter of time

Before it’s real

Just be patient

So we can make this real

Thoughts become real

You glad we’re friends

I hear that

Me happy In this friend zone

Picture that

I am absolutely friendly

But I can no longer pretend

That we are just friends

I love you

Can’t understand

Can’t you feel this

Everything about you

Get closer to you

Plotting to get you

Gotta Have you

Cause I love you

I love you