Deleted every picture

All those text messages

Not a single post is left

Every single sign of evidence

Got rid of it all

Final phone call

The way it’s meant to be

Nothing else in this for me.

Don’t want no proof of this

Nothing else will exist

The future now written

Every lesson forgotten

Slowly came to realize

Better off in disguise

Life is full of deceit

You showed them all to me

Letting it go

Like it never happened

Slowly consumed

Just what I imagined

Creating a fake world

I need to get through this

Have to get through this

Cause there’s nothing left for me

Gave you everything that I had

Every single tear I had left

Walking away happy

Cause I gave all I had left

Time for something new

Relaxing calm of a new day

Proportionality spending time on me

All I have left is me