Love Blinded Me

Sitting here and I’m reflecting

The days and nights I was dreading

The anticipation of pain

More than that physical pain

Keeping hope where none remains

Wanting life, like I imagined it to be

Yet here I am

Longing that fantasy

Love blinded me

Recalling days of the past

Using hindsight’s glasses

What I thought I saw

Wasn’t reality at all

That jumbled confusion

My pain, my illusion

it’s like waking up

Not Knowing who you are

It’s like the blindfold is gone

Not knowing how this will work

Have to admit my uncertainty

Seeing you for the first time

Love blinded me

Those future plans

Was never gonna come true

Made with someone I never knew

Elaborate strategies, strange feelings

Our relationship never grew

Now I see, too late to see

This sea of misery

So I persevere through excuses

Continue to rationalize nothingness

Paralyzed by embarrassment

Not willing to accept my own role

In this misguided fantasy

Instead of accepting it

I blame love instead

Love blinded me