Seeing you lying there

Unwilling to accept reality

Life wasn’t intended to be fair

Endless cycle of the Earth’s core

Shuffling us endlessly

We all have one common


Hearing youth refer casually

Lack of Mr. , lack of Sir

First name commonality

Exiting life so freely

Narcotics and alcohol

Compounded routinely


The latest story

Heard it so clearly

Confronted on the block

Using loaned narcotics

Avoiding the crack commandments

Outcome predetermined


Owing large revenue

Nothing in hand

Nothing else to do

Archaic methods applied

Upon the torso and head

Ignoring whats next


Sobering moment

Knowing consent was given

No more life within

Holding to every promise lost

Grasping laugh of the past

Accepting reality


Recalling instances

When laughter filled me

Fueled off of your very energy

Cannot fathom what led you astray

Thought the love was sincere

If it was, you would still be here