So Warming

Sun piercing through

Reminding me of you

Glistening through the adversity

Shining and flowing capability

Struggling to articulate

The amount of love, it’s fate

Gentle sigh, so calming

Your spirit, so warming

Opened to the possibility

That sun shining for me

Like painters muse, not confused

Familiar lane, cannot complain

Evaporated bagged emotions

Shook without you, convulsions

Deep inhale, so relaxing

Your essence, so warming

Burning away the moisture of tears

Light shining on every fear

The nights concealment

Hiding mindless sentiment

The what ifs, the if buts, ands and huhs

Solace of uncertain pacts

Exhaling relief, so pleasing

Your aura, so warming

The mystery of night, or so it seems

Pleasure revealed encouraging your dreams

Pride amplified with each supportive word

Never forsake you, that’s my word

Bonded in friendship, anchored in truth

Strength unyielding, forged through pain

Gleaming excitement, so appeasing

Your presence, so warming.