So close to lighting up

Every time a request come up

Cause when I

Request something of you

Rejection, pacification its how we do

Yet if it ain’t for me

You quickly have words for me

Priorities set real clear

Plan to me

Pain so near

At my last strike

You don’t even know

How I’m doing

Never ask, nor care

Dissolving away

With no fear

At least you have

Someone that cares

Me, I here

But ain’t no one else here

Fuse is getting real short

Already lit

And I’m seeing it

Just dwindle away

So quickly

Like a brick wall

Just hit me

Into a reactive state

Catalyst ain’t too late

Sparking me into reality

Timer ticking away

Feel it slipping away

All my conscience that’s controlling me

Fading away into the natural me

Purely evil with selfish intent

Primal instinct is what I meant

Evil ego won’t let it go

Revenge is needed

For me to let it go

Forgiveness is ignorance