Never Aligned

Never aligned

Your day is my night

You stay on my mind

But it’s never alright

Talking about the same concept

Talking from a different perspective

Feelings happened from the onset

Always made me over protective

Never aligned

When reality hit you

Started losing my mind

Instinctively I miss you

Reliving dreams as if they were real

One day you asked me if you were mine

Knowing the situation is not ideal

Knowing we still need to intertwine

Never aligned

I want it to be problematic

But then something else hits my mind

The thought of you is an aphrodisiac

Nothing matters in that moment

The hardness felt just from text messages

The ecstatic smile is potent

The love cultivated like a specimen

Never aligned

Just the Eb and Flow

Stays occupying my mind

Then I thought if I just let it go

Life would be so much easier

If I just let you in

Expecting catastrophe of a meteor

Sharing everything I held within

Never Aligned

But the thing that’s different

The thing fucking with my mind

Everything becomes significant

You are mine

Completely and fully

There is not a single deadline

So I don’t have a single worry