The Fault

All this time

I knew we wasn’t friends

But I didn’t know we were enemies

Now that I know

There is nothing else there

Regret every laugh shared

Knowing comprehensively

The fault sits with me

Wasted so much time

Had me thinking we doing one thing

But saying something else

You worried about actions being completed

That isn’t currency with me

Trust and loyalty

They are the only meanings for me

The fault sits with me

All that time spent

Rethinking every single opportunity

Reliving each of those small things

It was all in deceit

The anger is beneath my feet

The possibility that I allowed

Shot down viciously

The fault sits with me

Can never get that time back

Not sure why or what

I just know that it is over

Never again be in that position

Never again put trust

When there’s no connection

Now I realize it

The fault sits with me