In the emptiness of the darkness

Allow me to invoke that energy

Mind completely empty

There is nothing within me

Released every emotion completely

Awaiting for that monumental occasion

Uniting within your energy

Muse me


Addicted to your spirituality

Focused on each day

Filling it’s entirety entirely

Love cultivating each seed

Exhausted out of sheer belief

Every feeling felt daily

Yet there is time for me

Muse me


Unable to replicate this feeling

Not sure what you are feeling

Believing this completely

Heart pumping your emotion

Pounding this devotion

Sniffing you for that next high

Injecting every word into me

Muse me


Rest is but a mild thing

Conducted between a deep breath

Promising that when you are empty

My cup will runneth over

Filling you with whatever you need

Embracing you fully

Allowing you to be you

Muse me


Unable to ensure compatibility

Loyalty is what it is important

Providing whatever I have

Proving I’m down until my last

Holding onto every moment

Fear capture doubts I have

Praying this will exist indefinitely

Muse me