Darkness surrounds us completely

The moon coming into view

Supposed to be long gone

Still here lingering

Not wanting to return

No need to rush back to reality

Inhaling the freshness of this air

Holding in every dream I can bear

Exhaling every bit of negativity

Any ideas or concepts

That would have us incomplete

Completely surrounded in darkness

Life somehow feels different

Leaping off of destiny

Tired of repeating momentarily sanity

Existing only by the breath I give

Slowly stealing cosmic energy

Dampened in hallowed beliefs

Will life return to reality

I’d rather remain in this fantasy

Feeling completely complete

Excited on your sensitivity

Surrounded by darkness completely

Stars do not lead me

Abandoned without resentment

Closing unfounded ideology

Concentrating on what’s meant to be

Completely satisfied with anxiety

Unknowingly you could disagree with me

Opening my eyes to the next day

You’d be gone from me

I wish that could never be

But that’s a real reality

Darkness holding each morsel of me

Compounded in an horrid interest

If love was sincere I’d always be here

Completely existing in peace

What if I loved you more than me

Losing perspective of what’s important

Surrounded in ultimate purity

Blessed to be a part of this energy

Us combined with love

The holistic trinity

Completely complete