Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light expanding endlessly

Exceeding the horizon

We are loving beautifully

Just moments away

The pressure is building

Unable to see clearly

Imagined thoughts keep blinding me

Amplifying every possibility

What if life were different?

What would I even believe?

If you weren’t here with me

Beautiful Light reaching infinitely

Beyond the blue sky

We are loving beautifully

Keeping our distance socially

Hearing your voice

Always changes everything

Said in so many ways

Wrapped in endearing feelings

Across multiple decades

I wouldn’t know right from wrong

Without you next time me

Beautiful Light touching ceremonially

Finding new found feelings

Somehow it’s never enough

The past weighing down on me

Hoping with all I believe

Life has something for me

Misunderstanding your words

They feel differently

The words of your mouth

Don’t make the intent of your heart

I don’t know where to start

Beautiful Light showing infinity

Unknowingly convinced myself

There was more than I see

Creating fictional history

Closing eyes tightly

Screaming for some relief

Nowhere to find peace

Not able to feel easily

Senses deceiving me

Completely Wondering why

You are here with me