Something stirring deeply

Unsure of this real feeling

Beyond any feeling of anxiety

Drifting around each feeling

Believing about what’s meant to be

Universal expectations exist

But something about each of them

Left in the moment of second guesses

Wishing for just a real chance

Anticipating harsh goodbyes

Blasphemous butterflies…

Every thought lingers perpetually

Deep exhales do nothing for me

Mediation is wasted time

Trying to accept different thoughts

These unfounded beliefs aren’t mine

The entirety of my mind against me

Wanting to avoid this energy

Unable to determine its real intent

Surrounded in past mistakes

Fear exaggerating my own eyes

Ungrateful butterflies….

Focus leaves me continually

Unable to track my own progression

Not sure why I am here

Every dream seems to evaporate

Aimlessly looking at clouds

The wind tries to calm me

There has to be a reason for this

Why can’t I have my thoughts back

Swirling madness of nothingness

Controlled by the bonds that tie

Discouraging butterflies…

Concentration evading all of me

What is it that I long to achieve

Cannot remember anything really

Unable to move with certainty

Resembling archaic statues

If my heart did not beat

No one would even hear me

Uneasily accepting mix feelings

Striving to smile at the blessing

Limited by these cries

Hateful butterflies