Unable to rest

Wanting to know pure facts

What would it feel like

You falling asleep on my chest

Not sure how I’ll face you again

Whenever we are apart

This life gets crazy

Easier to pretend

Live in this fantasy

I am not built for reality

Imagined something new

Traveling across country roads

But I’d travel across mountain tops

The deepest bluest ocean

As long as it was with you

But this fear lingers

This lose exist in me

Waiting openly

Wanting me to be at ease

Setting me up constantly

Opening my soul

Giving up control

Suddenly you’ll disappear

And I’m meant to believe

You were never here

Unable to believe

This cannot be a coincidence

Conceived out is consequence

Just a year ago

This was not our flow

Even when adjacent

There was always a distance

Now I’m in this state of awe

Will I get a Hey

Will it be that OMG

Will it be my name

Or all of the above

I can hear your emotion

Your body singing to me

I have no what ifs

Not a regret about you

Nothing would have been like this

There was no other way to get here

Way back when

Could have never imagined this

Now I easily relax

Yet the tone of your voice

Even a single word

It all sends me into a different space

Not sure how to stay at a good pace

Going all in

I’d rather rush through this

Whatever this is

Above everything else

We must stay friends