This Love

Cultivating this love intentionally

Every single morning

Planting that new seed gently

Wishing doesn’t offer enough promise

Love is too precious

Cannot leave this to mere guesses

Speaking to love throughout the day

Absolutely ensuring it has a place

Protecting the essence of each caress

Fantasy will never replace the reality

Love is powerful

But not as good as friendship

Building this love carefully

Every single morning

Places each brick with intent

Mindfully cementing cement

Guaranteeing its eternal place

Magnifying its strength

Perpetually providing direct love

This is the purest form of being

What I am saying

I can just think about you

And the excitement starts ruling me

Literally controlling my body

Inspiring this love into belief

Listen here to this opportunity

I am talking about something new

Relinquishing past thoughts

Moving forward at pace

Doing whatever I can do

While I have every bit of your attention

Not willing to miss any time

I mean seriously…

Have we ever really had any time

Just one on one time

That get to know you love time

Growing this love indefinitely

I say your name constantly

Because it has meaning to me

It invokes this spirit within me

Has my blood flowing erratically

Shouldn’t these be strange feelings

But they feel so natural

So much untapped potential

But why did they leave the door open

Had me thinking about L.L. lyrics

Just because they blessed with

Don’t mean I cannot finesse that ass