Cannot idly watch this bullshit

I am filling whatever hole need feelings

If there is a void in energy

That will be my entire focus

Recognizing consistently

I am forever one step away

From never seeing you again

So why should I ever, ever

Hold in a single feeling

And lose you again….

Cannot let the day end like that

If the last note ain’t the sweetest thing

There is no way I can let this day end

It is at these times that things feel strange

Things just feel out of place

Life is too beautiful to be mediocre

There is no need to have sub par dreams

We cannot live in this below average expectation

But nothing is real

Unless it involves complications….

Cannot let you wander in doubt

Showing you who you are

Whatever you need

I can be that main jawn

Or that eternal side jawn endlessly

Giving you whatever breath you need

I didn’t understand what you meant

When you said you got it

But now I see clearly

Some days you just need respite….

Cannot miss another day

Have you even noticed

We’ve stay connected now

Always a response

It’s like we’re connected now

In the past it would never last

Eventually we would reach silence

It wasn’t that things were different

The boundaries we had

For me, they were endless….

Cannot remember the switch

Looking into your eyes

I know I’m not willing to miss

Eyes stay locked in

I am feeling you let me in

We can literally go all in

No need to hesitate for a second

The risk are what they are

There cannot be love

Unless it is like this