Just Being Me

Life is nothing

It is just space and opportunity

Filled with unforced decisions

Most of the times indecisions

All the time leaving me empty

Filling that spirit with energy

Holding onto any hope I see

Finding an objective

And claiming that is me

The reality is not real to me

Without unnecessary goals

What would fill my soul

Just being me….

Anticipation the satisfaction

Just takes a quick reaction

And then work can begin

Pacifying every anxiety

Each day closer

Leading to a different elevation

Openly accepting whatever maybe

Learning to accept Gods will

Neither confirm or deny anything

Allowing the universe to shape me

Being actively molded continually

Knowing I’m with your energy

Just being me….

The sun is rising above the horizon

Stretching its rays

Reaching the entire sky

It is at that daily moment

The Realization becomes real

I don’t feel as far away

Regardless of distance

We both see the same sun rise

This thought brings me joy

Makes me close my eyes

Praise in the moment

Focusing on being grateful

Just being me….

The end of each day

Brings something warm into me

It’s like I always on countdown

Because I become closer

To the day where you’ll be around

And we vining endlessly

Don’t even need to talk continually

Just be in each other’s company

Creating new life without strife

Walking into a new season

Believing in everyone’s forgiveness

This was intentional

Just being me