Loving You

If the water was to fall

How much would you recall

Is it the water falling

Or is it the entire scene

Yet so much of that water is unseen

Endless amounts of pure joy

Flowing constantly

No concern for anything

Loving you just as easy….

If the breeze caresses you

Do you ever wonder why you?

As you feel that comfort

Somehow it surrounds you

Soothing that innate desire

It relaxes your inner being

Nothing can stop the breezes flow

Entering and engulfing your entirety

Loving you just as easy….

If the flame warms you

Sitting on the patio

Under the darkened sky

You never even consider

Not being warm for a minute

You embrace it

You lean into all of it

Allowing the energy to transfer

Loving you just as easy….

If love could be seen

Radiating your beauty

opening for new horizons

Expanding experiences

Exposure to new languages

Reaching every continent

Existing in peace

Regardless of circumstances

Loving you just as easy