Good Morning….

Good Morning

Wake up waiting for it

Leveraging it to set the tone

It is my ignition

The beauty of the discipline

As soon as I see it

My mood switches

And from that point on

I am ON….

Good Morning

Not sure if you even know this

But I just don’t fuck with everyone

I got trust issues

Ain’t enough tissues

To even cry about it

Straight bullshit is what I’ve been through

Unfortunately I don’t take chances

I stay where there’s loyalty….

Good Morning

Never accepting it as routine

There was a time

I could go for days

Without a single response

Just boundaries that were needed

But now the wall came crumbling down

Let me find out

I’m the only one around…

Good Morning

Even if it’s the middle of the night

It isn’t the phrase but the intent

It is what I hold onto tight

I don’t know if it will continue

Or never happen again

But for right now I enjoy it fully

Knowing above anything else

We are still friends