Sweet Golden Honey

The sun barely breaching the horizon

Cannot remember why this isn’t better

At this point in my life

You could have never told me

We wouldn’t see the sunrise together

Managing hidden fantasies

Protecting them like they are memories

Drawing from a different state of mind

From every eventuality

Of what could have happened

You become mine

Life somehow remains on repeat

But being with you would be so SWEET….

Involuntary moments creating anxiety

Inhaling and exhaling intentionally

Trying my best to relax and reflect

Why is my heart pounding like this

You are no where near me

But your presence is with me

Like you are right in front of me

Sharing every emotion

Anger, frustration, love, devotion

And it’s too much for me to just listen

I cannot see you exist like this

Giving you every bit of attention

Delicately kissing your GOLDEN skin….

There is a pause in the questioning

As I cannot answer everything for you

I don’t know why they did what they did

Probably they could approach it differently

Instead of doing what they did

And now you are where you are

But maybe this is God answering prayers

Because I have definitely been there

Asking for the strength to endure this

Believing in a peaceful existence

Knowing nothing can cure this

And the only thing that was left

Was a savoring for HONEY….

What if you look at this differently

The amount of times our paths cross

We were blind, but now we can see

Continually we end in similar situations

Magnetically something keeps pulling me

Letting go of people and things

It is normally done easily

Just hit delete without a second thought

But you are burned into my psyche

I do not remember a day without you

Yet there’s something missing

Let me taste that