Different Differences

Can you love two different people simultaneously

And love them differently

There is not a comparable thing

More like filling voids that exist

Knowing there is no way

That one can do what the other can do

So why expect to love one more than the other

Its just the different differences….

Can you love another person independently

With everything you have

If you already love another

Can you even call it an entanglement

Life would be so unfortunate

If keeping one love

Only means losing the other

Its just the different differences….

Can you fill voids in understanding

Talking to one … openly

While walking with the other …. closely

Can one person truly fulfill you

Do you need more than one person can give

Is it appropriate to expect something different

When the other is willing and able

Its just the different differences…..

Can you say I Love You and mean it

When you say it to two different people

Is the meaning lost in the volume of people

What if you only love parts of what someone can give you

What would life be like

If we could openly love people differently

Reaching the peak of pure love

Its just the different differences.