I intend you love you completely

Regardless of anything I see

I will believe in your word reverently

I don’t care what anyone says you do

I will only hear you

With complete trust and loyalty too

There is nothing more present

Than this undying love I feel

There is nothing

That will keep me from wanting you

It is that energy that I feel

Just from a single word

The spirit moves within me

The pen starts translating its meaning

Inking thoughts from the ether

It is the only way possible

Bringing spiritual feelings

Into this physical realm


This existence of expression

It misses my logic

Because I do not understand

Why it is we feel this way

There is always something between us

Yet something prevents us

It is hard for me to describe eloquently

I can author so many words

But I cannot explain at all

The power you have within me

Sparking my eternal flame

Excitement is feverish

Whenever I say your name

Wondering aimlessly patiently

Not even sure what the future brings

Unable to predict what this means

I finally understood it was mutual

When you said they wouldn’t understand


I intend for you to know everything

Each thought throughout the day

Every sin I committed

And pretended it was a blessed event

It is my best defense mechanism

The more you know

The more you know

And you will soon realize

The person behind the smile

When you see the realest unravel

Like so many others

I will never hear from you again

It is not personal

Just self-preservation

If I was your friend

I would constantly recommend you

Protect your peace

With all you can


I pray distinctively

Empower for me to be trustworthy

Whatever it is that is needed

Provide me the strength to provide it

May I have the knowledge to know

When to interfere for your betterment

And when to mind my business

Give me the capability to feel the meaning

Even when the words cannot be said

Bless me with this opportunity

Holding you for longer than a hello

Allow me to exhale every concern

And inhale you until I can let go

Please allow this blessing to flourish

Be that comfort in a time of need

Standing by at all other times

But always ready to go