I’m Home….

Woke up into so many thoughts

Captured in boundless words

Heard a Hey You in the early morning

Surprised to see that you stayed

Not that I wanted you to leave

But I didn’t say what I needed to say

There is comfort in knowing

Regardless of where this is going

Things are going to be O.K….

The sun heating the morning sky

The dew completely dissipated

And now we are just waiting

Birds speaking their love language

All these words on paper and text

Awaiting the other to say what’s next

It is easier to let time pass by

Than to accept this new reality

You are here with me….

Patience creating opportunity

The peace of the silence growing

From a gentle relaxation to a full embrace

Powerfully enjoying this instance

Love permeating across your face

Asking you if everything is O.K.

Responding gently sharing with me

That Brachetto d’Acqui did its thing

 I’d rather believe it was because of me….

Transferring into this unique space

Noticing the chocolates and Coke

Somehow you’re surprised I remembered

But very few things escape me about you

If life wasn’t what it was

I would know more about you

Have you believing you aren’t alone

Have you trusting I’ll always be there

Have you smiling just because I’m home