Interpretation of absence

And presence simultaneously

Within this constructed view

There is no difference

Based on a surreal belief

That you feel about me

Like I feel about you

So even when you aren’t in view

The passion is just as passionate

There is no time wasted

No thoughts about what should be

Enjoying life momentarily

More than actuality….

Maintaining these dreams beautifully

If they actually happened

They wouldn’t mean a thing

Just repeating what already exist

This truth is in the present tense

This is not de ja vu

This is intention of believing

Held you so many times

I never knew you weren’t mine

Yet I know the speculation

This is not an insanity defense

This is my complete story

Not just actuality….

Unbeknownst to a great extent

I believe you know what it is

But I’ve never said a word

When we are together silence reigns

Avoiding pain unheard

Hold every word close to me

Knowing our deepest sincerity

Not willing to sacrifice it for truth

I’d rather keep the truth

Without the fantasy

It is only my truth

No need to let it loose

Actuality is crazy….

Closed my eyes and exhaled

Not sure how long I will be able

The truth doesn’t set you free

Unless everything is on the table

But truth exist like beauty

Depends on the beholder

With the years I’ve grow bolder

Never had an open opportunity

To share everything openly

So while this window is open

Its gonna be what it’s gonna be

Ending assumptions and speculation

Dealing with this actuality