I used to think there was only one way

A single opportunity for success

Everything rest on simple conquests

Thinking if I am in one lane

I must stay there permanently

So although I see other opportunities

There is no action for me

Living in this hesitancy

But what if I have been wrong for so long

And instead of one thing

There is more available to me

Is it greed to pursue

Something that is meant for you

What do you do

When both will do….

I normally limit myself from options

Living in a binary state of mind

Sometimes it is easier to separate decisions

Into the smallest possible decision

As if life is as simple as computing

And all we have to do is pick zeros and ones

The reality gets a bit more confusing

Believing holistically

But wondering the reason

Why do we exist like this

Sporadic interactions

Now with planned intentions

And now I am thinking

There is no need to make one decision

When both are possible…

I need to rethink how I think

Release this fantasy

That everything must be a certain way

There are chances for circumstances

Different options are abound

The limits of society are limited

Intentionally causing conflict

As the heart and mind are so different

Logic dictating so many imperfects

But the soul can feel me there

Drawing me closer constantly

Thoughts betraying me

Welcoming love in

I cannot fathom the sin

Both choices are for me….

I know destiny

Experiencing the thrill of peace

The world’s actions are irrelevant

I determine my reactions

Totally in control of every feeling felt

That is how I know feeling this

Is nothing short of a miracle

Even if it is not reciprocated

I know this to be true

I’m not patiently waiting

I am actively living

Constantly experiencing the love of you

Once my eyes were open

I couldn’t ignore the evidence

Both thoughts exist for one truth