Maybe the reality

We are each other’s escape

That piece of life

Where being on top

Isn’t all it is expected to be

No one to care for in the moment

We can literally share anything

Removing ourselves from dependency

And just for a moment

Just be a we….

Regardless of life

A monthly escape is nice

Just pause the ticking clock

Check-in and maintenance

Sharing key updates

Reassuring sentiments

Look into each other’s eyes

Only way to know for sure

That everything is everything

And I know you are O.K….

Maybe we need a road-trip

Nowhere in particular

But it’s just curiosity

Never been with you

Longer than a moment

would the escape be different

If nothing pulled us away

Existing in this space

At the same moment

Just a touch away

Would that be O.K….

Is it called an escape

If it’s on another continent

What would that mean

How strong is this friendship

Could this be the new beginning

Someone to spend time with

Allowing individual life to exist

Until we are together

Experiencing each other

It’s like nothing else exist