That I Love You….

When I tell you I love you

Do you ever hear it

I’ve said it so many times

I was right in front of you

You were telling me about something

And whatever the something was

It helped remind me instantly

That I Love You….

When I whisper it gently

Can you feel it loudly

Every emotion being transferred

Using three words to convey my meaning

Not willing to let any of it go

Would it be different

If I screamed

That I Love You….

When I think about you subtly

The same image I always see

You are walking in elegantly

Your cheeks get bigger

We are connecting instantly

Approaching me gently

That moment always reminds me

That I Love You….

When I am heavy hearted

You find a way to get me started

Allowing the conversation to be

I don’t want to tell you

But I feel like I have to

What else am I supposed to do

Wrapped in this enchantment

That I Love You….

When I am ready to depart

That is the hardest part

Distance seems to make us closer

Well I’m tired of getting closer

I want to be right here with you

Starting and ending days with you

I wish you could feel this

That I Love You