First Day of Forever


I remember that last day
I was excited to go to treatment
Never before even wanted to go
But I knew I had to go
This was the only time
I even stayed awake
Didn’t want to miss that final day
First day of forever

Nothing else to do
No reason to come here again
Keep your poison to yourself
I kindly thank you immensely
You’ve been really kind
But I don’t believe you are my friend
Smiling and injecting simultaneously
First day of forever

Leaving for the last time
That bell will ring so loudly
I am about to start screaming
This feeling filling voids in me
This last bit of this
I can barely feel any of it
Can you feel this excitement
First day of forever

Never heard something so serene
That melody speaking to me
That clapper sounding precisely
Informing each and every person
I stand here proudly
Letting every other patient know
They don’t have too much further to go
First day of forever

Don’t even know what to say
Everyone and everything that helped me
Loving everyone and everything
Walking out the glass revolving door
Knowing everyone can feel this energy
Posting everything on social media
I need everyone to see
First day of forever

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