If I Could Do It Again


If I could do it over again
I’d do the same thing I just did
Because the alternative
Would just end this
If I would have just ignored it
I wouldn’t even be here
Wouldn’t even complain
About my lost hair

If I could do it over again
Every painful step I would take
Because each step I took
Someone saw me
If they had a bit a fear
I am hopeful it went away
Just seeing me take that one step
Perhaps I led the way

If I could do it again
I would pray the same prayers
Talk to the same people
Even cry the same tears
It wasn’t what I expected
Some days I even smiled
Some times were far worse
Felt like a fantasy or even a curse

No matter what I had to go through
Regardless of every single fear
I am still standing here
I am proudly standing here
Finally free of the misery
There is nothing that can stop me
Completed everything asked of me
I am so proud of me

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